Our Leadership

Leading the cause for Christ.
Founding & Senior Pastor
Pastor Craig Roters is the founder and senior pastor of Calvary Oro Valley Church. After becoming radically saved in his youth, he has participated in ministry for over forty years. Pastor Craig's wife, Theresa, went to be with the Lord after 27 years of marriage and serving the body of Christ along side her husband. The Roters have four children, Morgan, Moriah, Canden, and Trinity. Learn more about Pastor Craig by watching his testimony, as featured, on the Calvary Conversation podcast.
Associate & Worship Pastor
The eldest son of Pastor Craig Roters, Morgan Roters has grown to take on a variety of ministerial and discipleship roles at Calvary Oro Valley Church. Morgan serves as Calvary’s associate pastor and leads our youth and worship ministries. He is married to his wife Ravelle Roters, who serves as director of Calvary Kid’s and sings on the worship team.  Both continue to bless and serve the body of Calvary Oro Valley Church in unison.
Assistant Pastor
Kevin McPhail is an assistant pastor at Calvary Oro Valley Church that oversees various ministries, counseling and maintenance. Married to his wife Rachel McPhail, both serve as benevolent leaders and teachers at Calvary. Kevin has been serving under the leadership of Pastor Craig Roters since his youth, when he felt he was called into ministry.
Church Office Administrator & Assistant Youth Leader
The eldest daughter of Pastor Craig Roters and recently married to Mr. Ryan Reilly, Moriah Reilly is the founder and host of the Calvary Conversations podcast. Moriah assists in a variety of supportive backend roles for the church. Additionally, she leads the Calvary Women’s Bible Study and serves as an assistant youth and worship leader, alongside her brother and associate pastor, Morgan Roters.